Towalex ® ARC 3X6 A.R. Concentrate
Towalex ® ARC 3X6 alcohol resistant concentrate is a truly universal foam concentrate that can be safely used with low expansion foam making equipment for hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuels or used as high expansion concentrate through medium or high expansion foam making equipment.

Formation of an aqueous film on the fuel surface provides rapid fire control and extinction of hydrocarbon fires. On polar solvents, a cohesive polymer membrane is generated over the fuel surface to separate the foam blanket from the fuel itself and provide vapor reduction.

When used in high or medium expansion equipment a long lasting blanket is generated for filling voids.
Physical Characteristics

Specific Gravity 1.050
pH 7.5 - 8.5
Lowest Use Temperature 5°F
Highest Use Temperature 100°F
Recommended Application Rate 0.1 – 0.15gpm/sq.ft (depends upon fuel)
Induction Rates  
Hydrocarbons 3% as AFFF
Polar Solvents 5-6%
High Expansion 1.5-3%
Drainage time 25% (low expansion) 10 minute (3% Induction)
Effects of freezing and thawing No change in properties
Storage temperature 15°F - 110°F
Field Applications
Towalex ® ARC 3X6 is intended to be used by municipal fire departments and industrial fire brigades to provide fire fighting capabilities where multiple hazards may exist. Use of Towalex ® ARC 3X6, as a single concentrate will save storage space, reduce inventory cost and reduce risk of selecting the wrong concentrate for a specific incident.

Typical field applications for Towalex ® ARC 3X6 include fire department pumpers, foam units, airport crash trucks, petrochemical bulk and mixed storage, manufacturing facilities, etc..

Recommendation for usage
Towalex ® ARC 3X6 is suitable for use with any inline eductor or other foam inducting equipment and may be used to generate low, medium or high expansion foam.

Hydrocarbons incidents will allow the use of a non-aspirating (fog) nozzle and depending upon conditions low or medium foam may be used.

Polar solvent (water soluble) incidents require the use of an aspirating low expansion tubes as do all other alcohol resistant concentrates.

Medium or high expansion foam must be used when filling voids such as basements, attics, cocklofts, warehouses, boats, etc.

Advice: In the case of temperatures below 32ºF some inline devices may require proportioning exceeding 3/6% or a forceful injection may be necessary to insure correct proportioning (admixing).

Towalex ® ARC 3X6 can be your agent of choice and not chance.
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