Low Expansion Foam Nozzle

Model 95/120 L with Shut-off
Spamco low expansion foam nozzles are designed for high efficiency performance with any suitable foam eductor and concentrate. Low energy loss provides a very long reach of cohesive foam “rope”.

Efficient aeration is provided by a unique system of impinging jets aided by a central pin located in the foam stream. The nozzles may also be purchased with an integral shut off valve connected to the aerating chamber discharging into a stainless steel tube. The tube end is protected from accidental damage by a protective rubber ring.

The expansion ratio is approximately 10:1 but may vary with the type of foam concentrate used.

Foam Nozzle Model Flow gpm Nozzle Inlet Pressure psi Reach (Throw) FT Color Code Connector Size
Spamco 60L 53 75 70 Yellow 1.5"
  60 100 85
Spamco 95/120L 95 75 75 Red 1.5" or 2.5"
  108 90 85
  120 100 95
Spamco 240L 240 75 100 Blue 2.5"
  260 100 95
  280 120 135
The nozzles may be used at lower pressures where good quality foam will be produced but the reach will be reduced.

NOTE: Any nozzle must be flow matched with the eductor used.
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