Model 35

Model 5
The Spumifer American hose washer is constructed of sturdy welded stainless steel with a lightweight anodized 2 ½” NST female swivel connection to resist the effects of corrosion and provide a long service life.

Two conical water jets pull the hose through the washer while removing soluble contaminants. There are no moving parts.

Made in the USA.


Connect to a controlled water source with a pressure between 40 and 80 psi. Place one end of the hose (male end if threaded couplings are used) into inlet; the twin conical jets will pull the hose through the washer. If there is any heavily soiled areas the cleaning action can be increased by pulling the hose back and forth before releasing. Stand clear of the outlet side of the washer to avoid contact with the hose or couplings.

Model 35 - For hose sizes up to 3 ½ “. Approximate weight: 11 lbs.

Model 5 - For hose sizes up to 5”. Approximate weight 15 lbs.
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