Spumifer American Company was started in 1980 in St Augustine, Florida by the foremost designer of eductors, Ben Dyke. In the 1990s, Harry Graves, Jr. joined Spumifer working closely with Ben to help the company grow. In 2000, Harry moved business operations to Ridgefield Park, NJ; where Harry, an active 38-year Veteran Firefighter, took the company and product line forward in order to better meet the current needs of the fire service. In 2009, Sara Graves Mielnicki joined Harry in assisting him in the day to day operations.

In January 2011, Sara assumed full ownership of Spumifer and began acting as President of the company. Sara continues to uphold Harry’s high standards of personal customer service and product quality. Under Sara’s guidance, Spumifer continues to serve diverse fire services from large metropolitan fire departments to small, rural, volunteer, companies.

Spumifer is committed to customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to excellence and offer a diverse line of quality through creative and progressive design, manufacturing and distribution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to for help in meeting your fire service needs.